screw the toddler spoons

6 rubber neckers:

Melliferous Pants said...

Damn! My imaginary baby isn't even that advanced.

PAgirly said...

wow! good job, baby v! that girl has talent.

Ayn Marie said...

hey, she's better than me!!

LoryKC said...

That's awesome!
I'm sure her coordination is already better than mine!
(Wouldn't take much but still...good for her!)

sweetviolet said...

pants- if i had an imaginary baby, she'd be a violin virtuoso and practicing medicine.

pagirly- notice the talent of getting daddy to give her his plate. she's my little hippo.

ayn- i use chopsticks for 3 minutes and then go for the fork.

lory- she's more likely to skewer something i think.

PAgirly said...

smart girl!


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