I wish I found this funny. I really do. Unfortunately, I want to vomit while punching her in the head.

I by no means think that to succeed in life, one needs to know the capital of Hungary. There are plenty plenty plenty of world capitals I don't know. Of course, I have a world map for a shower curtain, so I learn while I bathe. But an occasional look around at the world outside of pop music might avail a person the opportunity to not make a total fool of oneself on national television. I guess it speaks to a larger problem of our myopic view of the world. Everyone doesn't have to be well versed in world geography. People live their lives productively without it. I don't quiz my plumber. I just hope he knows how to plumb. Perhaps I shouldn't expect my pop stars to do more than....well, pop?


It's an update extravaganza over at the Flower and Finn.


Winter Tradition

It's that time of year again.



Religious Indoctrination

The Veggie Tales have landed. Those people over there at Big Idea have damned me. The songs are infections, the dialogue engaging. Saturated in religion. I can't bring myself to ban it. They have songs about homophones. They have haikus.....HAIKUS PEOPLE! The last one we watched had some pretty offensive stuff about pagans. That pissed me off. The God references are overwhelming. Why does it have to be so GOOD? Harumph.


Evolution Graffiti


beautiful to perfect

Take a look at this before/after retouching Redbook cover of Faith Hill.

Faith Hill

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