broken computer = picture post

i suppose i admit it. she looks like her daddy.


assembly line

Conor asks me to make his great aunt's cookie recipe. But he fails to mention she had a family of twelve. I have several pounds of cookie dough in the freezer. I should have known better than to make mormon cookies.




hate is such a strong word

violet is not a good sleeper. never has been. we tried to subscribe to the "keep it noisy and they'll sleep through noise" philosophy. no such luck. since we don't want to do the cry it out thing, we're essentially stuck with her pace for learning to sleep. ok. i can live with that. unfortunately the couple above us weigh EASILY 700 pounds collectively. it sounds like hippos in love up there. i'm not trying to be mean, and if they didn't make so much noise when they walked, i would not care that they're so big. they knock something off in the shower EVERY time they take one. and what are we supposed to do? it's not like normal noisy neighbors. we can't ask them to turn down their fatness. i don't wan't to hurt anyone's feelings, but i'm losing my mind here. (conor...don't be mean)


nothing but trouble


belly in profile

my baby eats. i have never, NEVER had to convince her to eat. she eats until you take the food away from her, and if you do that too early there is hell to pay. i'm worried that she's already developing an unhealthy relationship with food, as a snack will cheer her up when nothing else will. she can eat an entire cereal bowl of peas and then hang on your pantleg and beg as you try to eat something yourself. did i mention that she is officially off the bottom of the charts. perhaps she has a tapeworm. a typical day for violet goes something like this: 5 am nurse, 7 am nurse, 730 whole organic banana, ice cube portion of wild blueberries, whole grain cereal, and cheerios. 800 beg while i eat breakfast. 10 am nurse. 1130am sweet potatoes with tofu and brown rice, boca sausage, whole wheat and millet bread. 12:00 beg while i eat lunch. 1:00 nurse. 2:00 goats milk yogurt with avocado and flax seeds, whole wheat and millet bread, bananas or grapes. 4:00 nurse. 5:00 peas and garbanzo beans with millet and coconut oil. and dinner from my plate. 730 nurse. she quite seriously eats enough to sustain a full grown man. yet she remains shrimpy.


mmm...floor cereal


quiz for mothers

the wic office gave me this very informative pamphlet. see if you can pass this rigorous quiz:
1) Botulism is
a. caused by bacteria that can grow in your baby's stomach and make a strong poison
b. healthy for your baby

2) Do not dip your baby's pacifier in:
a. honey
b. water

3) Call the baby's doctor if your baby:
a. is too weak to cry, suck, eat, or swallow
b. has weak arms and legs
c. all of the above.

(if you need the answer key, feel free to contact me)


On their farm they had a ....

conor and I get weirder by the day. One day we're trying to save a little money, and the next thing I know I'm looking up American communes. Seriously. conor wants some strange sustainable house. So I have decided to document what I want on my farm. This week: FAINTING GOATS. I shared the joy of the fainting goat with chiromum, who also wants them. She coined the term "scaredy cheese" which I find simply brilliant. For those of you who don't know the joy of the fainting goat, they have a condition which causes their body to freeze when startled, and they fall over. This will provide endless hours of sadistic fun for the Jensen kids.


rock the pot


i told you to watch out for those teeth!


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