Charlie The Unicorn

For those of you who don't visit my myspace page. And who have strange sense of humor. I love CHAAAAARRRRRRLLLLIIIIEEEEE. I watch him at least once a week.


night night

conor just worked his LAST. NIGHT. EVAH!


ode to conor

i first loved you for your brain

to balance me, and make me sane.

with an actual answer to "what's a YURT??"

and the little blonde ringlets didn't hurt.

figure terminal velocity,

in your head in less than 3

internal combustion



they've all increased my love for you.


you're outta there....

We are officially separated from the Air Force as of May 3rd. We'll take what's called "terminal leave" which sounds scarier than it is, so we'll be home in early April. Excuse me while I treat my brand new ulcer.


what's up with the hyperlink function? i'm too lazy to make it pretty manually, so here's conor's new blog.

no update on the timeframe, but we're working on it. one oft has to light a fire under people who are in little danger of losing their job....


we're coming home.


A short time ago I made a committment to give kindness and patience to the world. To meet differences and hostility with an effort to understand, and with compassion. Though this committment has recently seen it's trials, I remain steadfast in my endeavor. The world has seen too much pain for me to exacerbate its wounds with my limited understanding. I must always remember, that I'm leaving this world to my children. Children who I want to show kindness when faced with attack. I read a story recently about a hospital van that dropped a paraplegic homeless man on Skid Row, with no wheelchair and a malfunctioning colostomy bag. He was found dragging himself on the sidewalk with his hands clutching a hospital personal effects bag in his teeth. How we have come to have so little regard for others is terrifying. Count me out of this downward spiral toward barbarism. I have made the decision to show kindness, and there's nothing anyone can do to change that.


... for better, for worse.

Happy Valentines Day.


Whose Valentines Day present exactly??

Most outlandish tribute EVAH.
....i will not be posting a picture of conor's valentines day present from me.

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