how to best humiliate my children this halloween?

And now, pug and tick...I've found the perfect costumes for you:


my little over achiever

Kudos to my dear Conor, the laziest over achiever I know. First it was a perfect ASVAB, then "Top Airman" at Basic. Now he just made "Below the Zone". Which is early promotion and more $$$. Ok, maybe just more $. The funniest part is, he was late to work for the first time ever, (he was helping me with babies), and a full bird Colonel was hanging around to give him his new stripes. I laughed. Perhaps, I thought, I should put up a picture of him in uniform. But alas, I don't have any. So this will have to do. Good job, Birdy!


how to tell you live with a toddler...

...you can only draw so much on the sidewalk

i keep my super powers in the belly

n is for nugget

there must have been something interesting on the ground.


For my friends back home:

TLC's "What Not to Wear" is accepting applicants in Chicago right now. Got anyone in mind you'd like to totally mortify on national television?

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