seven things MEME

thank you eric for tagging me.

7 things I plan to do before I die:
1. work with the missionaries of charity in calcutta
2. adopt a child
3. enable conor to complete something on his "death wish" list
4. be able to make something from raw materials (besides a cake)
5. let my babies live the lives they've chosen
6. make these boobs shrink...one way or another...
7. have a flat tummy, forever beautifully decorated with silvery peaks and valleys, reminding me what my tummy can do.

7 things I can do:
1. make a good meal out of diddley squat
2. stick to my principles
3. properly use cloth diapers
4. drive an otherwise sane man to suicide (no comments oh peanuts gallery)
5. be the bigger person....(if i just keep muttering that under my breath)
6. be fiercely loyal to the end
7. breed like a bunny, apparently

7 things I cannot do:
1. hold my tongue. (hence the "bigger person" chant)
2. tolerate those who just don't care
3. properly use birth control
4. try new things without much arm twisting
5. listen to people talk down to their children
6. enjoy the ocean
7. deny my inner hippie any longer

7 things that attract me to another person:
1. sheer brilliance
2. the tiniest bit of arrogance
3. little blonde ringlets
4. chatterboxieness
5. an abhorance for all things footwear
6. brute strength
7. a willingness to put up with me

7 things I say most often:
1. what's she eating?
2. daaaaddyyyyy, i have a present for yooooouuuu.
3. violet. lay down.
5. you smell of cheese.
6. i'm so tired
7. there's a baby in my belly, his name is kubla khan. he is there because we could not help but get it on.

7 people I want to do this:
did everyone do this? i think everyone did this. wait. sarah, did you do this? how's about you do it, huh? unless you're on a blogging break. then just tell me to stick it in my ear. oooohhh...conor. you do it. please? with gravy on top?



i had to go to the doctor to get a blood test before i can make an obstetrics appointment. you'd think if i could just show them what i ate for dinner tonight, they'd believe me.


sprout II

my dear sweet husband made an announcement on his blog, unbeknownst to me. so for those of you i have not yet told personally (i just barely told my mother) i apologize that you are finding out via blog. but here it is. there's a baby in my belly. (baby in picture is not actual belly baby)



as i explained previously, violet is scared of tape. and i don't mean scared as in....oooohhh it's tape. i mean abject terror. i have decided not to force this tape thing. i doubt it will snowball into a life long phobia, and she'll be fine with tape when she's fine with it.

enter the mother-in-law. the ENTIRE 2 days they've been here i have consistently requested that boxes be taped while violet is sleeping, or outside. there is NO reason to subject her to something she's scared of. everyone complied. until tonight. while carrying boxes into the living room, i could tell that my mother-in-law was planning on taping those puppies up. so i once again stated, "we can tape those when violet goes to bed." she quite deliberately gave her husband the tape and told him (i assume. i didn't hear her...i just saw the exchange) to tape the boxes. he began to comply. i scooped up violet immediately and took her to the bedroom and shut the door.

what do i know? she MUST know better than i do what i should do with MY baby. violet must be taught RIGHT NOW, in the last night she's here, that we're not pussy-footing around her little tape phobia.

of coursed i FLIPPED. at the wrong person. conor is a peacemaker. i marched out into the living room when the taping was done. said "ARE WE DONE WITH THE TAPE?" gathered every roll, and hid it. mature, right? i don't care.

OHOHOHOHOHOHOH. and the missionaries just happened to show up at our door just hours after they had gone to church. what an amazing fucking coincidence. nathan and i thought that would be the perfect time for a beer run. these people are like vultures. they smell a rotting lost soul, and they descend on it. over and over and over and over. making us wish we WERE dead.


violet helps pack. ok. she'll be much more helpful on the other end.


unexplained phobia

violet has never had an over active startle reflex. she was never one of those babies who cried if you dropped a pot. packing, however, is proving to be slow going. violet is TERRIFIED of tape. we've tried to introduce it a few times. happy, smiling... showing her how to pull the tape off the roll. she'll have none of it. it induces immediate shrieking. we've even tried to go in another room and shut the door to tape a box. nope. the minute she hears that sound, she has a breakdown. we've been reduced to taping while she sleeps. which leaves boxes open for her to remove their contents. two steps forward...one step back.


base housing

UPDATE: We are moving into base housing on Nov 25th. We were given a 2 story 3 bedroom, and we're only approved for a 2 bedroom. So we snapped it up. We have decided to go this route because of our gas guzzling POS, and the hippos in love upstairs. Its pretty bad when you're willing to trade the larger than life couple upstairs for F16s flying over your house and sonic booms.




my finished project. chromium- i replaced the needles i broke. yes needles. plural. learn to sew was one of my 101 in 1001. this project has proven to me that i cannot mark it off the list yet.

From feral to domesticated

I used to think I wanted an exciting life. Which is strange, because I've never really liked leaving the house. But the other day I found myself completing the following activities:
  1. baking bread
  2. general baby care
  3. making granola
  4. doing laundry
  5. cleaning the bathroom
  6. sewing a new diaper bag
  7. vacuuming (aaaahhh...)

by the end of the day as I curled up with an episode of six feet under, I felt as if I had accomplished something very important. I suppose the day would have been complete if I'd had socks to mend. I often think that I shouldn't have more babies anytime soon so I can "accomplish something." I'm not sure what that is. I'd like to go back to school, but its not feasible for conor and I both to go at the same time. The truth is, I'm doing what I like to do. I'd like to have a bigger house to do it in. but that would just be gravy. gravy? I DID make biscuits this morning...



This is the super cool quilt that chromium made for the flower child.

isn't it neato burrito?


happy halloween


it's a party!

in true form


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