Oh the plans we made! I was to go to a craft fair. Which means I was going to leave the house and have real live adult conversation. Conor was to be frolicking at the zoo with the kids. We woke to some seriously feverish and snottified children. And a downpour. A record downpour in fact. The most rain in 24 hours ever recorded at O'Hare. Well no zoo, but I was considering continuing with the craft fair nonetheless. Then I sent Violet downstairs to let Shepherd out of his crate. MAMAAAAA! I have to clean it up! It's all wet! Alas, the downstairs was awash in whatever happened to be in the pipes when they regurgitated their rainy sludge. And so our plans vanished. Conor and I spent the day with the shop-vac while Granny and Poppi kindly entertained the sick children. And off they were to pick up lunch at Paradise Pup...(you haven't LIVED until you've had Paradise Pup.) Through the rain we slogged the children, securing them in their carseats and sending them off with the in-laws. And the van was dead. So, as if we weren't wet enough... We spent a little quality time jumping the van. You know, we've REALLY got to start checking the lights after the kids play "Beep beep car". So today I persevere! I'm off to Renegade Chicago rain or shine! Well, pretty much rain.


Trivia buff seeks same for online fun

I like being in first place and all...but it's no fun if you're only beating yourself. "Beating yourself" is going to get me some really twisted google search results in my stats....


more the engrish!

Where's my donation?

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