there is something about this that makes 6 weeks seem like an eternity.


my art critic

we like to play naked

and make art

i made a portrait of violet in the buff.

she showed me what she thought of it.

naked baby....wet spot....use your imagination.


tee hee

reason # 6,833 why i love my husband

He came home with "good" toilet paper, because he figured now would be a good time to splurge on tp. What more could you ask for than a husband who considers the needs of your nether regions while grocery shopping?



Vital Stats

Nobody would bother to check my blog, since I never use it, so I'm checking in here for Sarah. Yesterday morning, July 16th at 4:16 am, Sarah delivered Finnegan Honor Jensen, a big ol' baby boy. He was 22" long and weighed 8 lb. 9.4 oz., and the crazy broad did it wihtout any drugs. He's doing great, he's a beautiful baby, looks a lot like his big sister did when she came out (although he's got my dad's nose). They're still at the hospital this morning, Violet and I are headed back out there soon, and if we're lucky, they might get to come home this afternoon.

I gotta run, sorry for the delayed and abbreviated post, but I'll give more details later, I promise. No pics or anything fun like that yet, but I'll have some when I get home later.


41 weeks...where's my prize?


jump in the pool

time to start the betting!

1) Gender
Please limit your choices to the two most likely outcomes....

2) Weight, Length, Birthmarks, Hair Color, Political Affiliation ...whatever suits your fancy

3) Birthdate
Anything in August just isn't funny, and frankly it's cruel, and in very poor taste to suggest. Same for September.

4) What crazy name will this poor child have to bear? (if you know, you can just make up something equally absurd)
i'm feeling a little birthy today. ho hum. we shall see.


Happy Due Date to Me,
Happy Due Date to Me.
I'm Gonna Split Open.
Happy Due Date to Me.

scroll down for the frightening exponential growth in the last 3 weeks.


always ahead of his time

"It is my pleasure that my children are free and happy, and unrestrained by parental tyranny. Love is the chain whereby to bind a child to its parents." - Abraham Lincoln



I haven't been posting my crafty creations. And I doubt I'll have time to be very crafty soon.

cloth wipes. nothin' like flannel to wipe your bum.

wrap sling. ok, required minimal sewing, but still.

violet's table. chalkboard top and fishy friends.

i dyed a wool soaker (diaper cover). the color is much deeper maroonish than this. it was, possibly, the most fun i've had all year. if i could make a living out of dyeing wool, my life would be complete. i made an acid dye out of kool-aid and vinegar. added bonus: the baby's butt will smell like black cherry for awhile.
I also sewed some sheets for Violet. Unfortunately (ok not REALLY unfortunately, but still...) Violet is asleep, and the picture will have to wait. I'll bet you're holding your breath.

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