I haven't been posting my crafty creations. And I doubt I'll have time to be very crafty soon.

cloth wipes. nothin' like flannel to wipe your bum.

wrap sling. ok, required minimal sewing, but still.

violet's table. chalkboard top and fishy friends.

i dyed a wool soaker (diaper cover). the color is much deeper maroonish than this. it was, possibly, the most fun i've had all year. if i could make a living out of dyeing wool, my life would be complete. i made an acid dye out of kool-aid and vinegar. added bonus: the baby's butt will smell like black cherry for awhile.
I also sewed some sheets for Violet. Unfortunately (ok not REALLY unfortunately, but still...) Violet is asleep, and the picture will have to wait. I'll bet you're holding your breath.

8 rubber neckers:

ChiroMum said...

I'm loving all of this stuff, too cute!! Esp the dye job on the soaker...I know who I'm calling for a diaper dying party!!

nosuchluck said...

these are awesome! can you email me and let me know what kind of sewing machine you have and if you would recommend it? i'm going to ask for one for christmas.

sweetviolet said...

chromium- i'm SO excited to dye diapers! i found another prefold supplier. i think it's like 50 cents cheaper per dozen.

nosuchluck- i'm not exactly the person to ask. i'm a novice. but i'll email you what little bit i know.

fat little pug said...

those are so great! you're such a crafty little thing!!

sweetviolet said...

hrm. crafty like a FOX?

Melliferous Pants said...

You are crafty like a fox!

Ayn Marie said...

I wish I could come over and we could make stuff while the kids are sleeping.

sweetviolet said...

i need a crafty partner!


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