the houses

3012 Prentice Avenue in the lead so far...



House Hunting: We begin the search tomorrow. I have digital camera, pad and pen, and ulcer all ready to go. My realtor's name is CANDY LIMEHOUSE, and she came recommended by chromium, and an enormous billboard down the road from our apartment. She most certainly does, by chromium's description, look like an overgrown barbie doll. With such a name, I keep imagining touring a gingerbread house, a green house, and a Malibu Dream House.


a week on the farm





a look back at my babe

homeward bound

i'm preparing to leave for the land of lincoln tonight. we'll be celebrating the anniversary of the flowerchild's blooming. the amount of baby crap you have to take for a week away from home is unreal. and i'm pretty minimalist when it comes to that stuff. most of it revolves around her dietary needs. gone are the days when all i needed was a boob. i get to see my momma. aaahhh..momma. i bought violet a drum and had it mailed to my sister's house. its a remo floor tom. it's loud, and now my sister hates me. viva la bebe.


Secret shopper

I'm doing 3 shops today. 2 of them are for $15 a piece, to take pictures of bathrooms. Should I post those as well? I can make a urinal look artistic, I swear.

my first starbucks


since everyone enjoyed the last rabbit...


violet with yak

yeehaw, it's state fair time! i want a chicken, a goat, a sheep, a horse, and a yak. i've got conor so hooked, he's scrambling for paper to write down a crazy looking rabbit breed he wants. (pictured below) yes, virginia. there's a rabbit in there.

with all the critters i want, i have found one that i do not:

now, especially for fat little pug i have included a llama photo.



my first vegemite


what is it they say about the apple and the tree?


my kid's cooler than your kid

sheesh! ok. a smattering of designs (there are many more). I do not by any means have all of these. (i'm not allowed to order more until i sell what i have) . they are available on a vast array of shirt options. ($ 19 - $22 depending on the shirt).

Dresses: (2T- 6T) ($32)


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