Treasures in the Attic

So Conor has this guitar that his grandfather bought for 50 cents at a yard sale. We went to the guitar shop yesterday to get a new bridge pin. The guy charged us 18 cents too much, so he offered to string it to make up for it. We brought it in. Turns out its a 1958 Gibson LG-0. However, I've been informed that selling it is grounds for divorce. We've got a little too much moolah tied up in saxophones and guitars around here. On a side note, I've decided I want to play the hammered dulcimer. As soon as I figure out how one plays the hammered dulcimer. I'm guessing there are hammers involved.


for daddy at work...

i'm cute today.


building a nest in the backyard

I have an uncontrollable urge to make the backyard all cute and comfy. This afternoon I went out to water the weeds (since they outnumber the grass by far) to make them a little green so as not to cut open your feet. (I'd also like to mention that it shouldn't be 92 degrees in April anywhere but HELL.) But I digress. Miss V ran through the hose and tried to drink out of it. I could hardly stand the cuteness. This backyard nesty urge my be so strong as to force me to PURCHASE things that aren't life or death necessities. I'll keep you posted....



a visit home


southern illinois


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