what happens when daddy runs the bath

and to top it all off, he used the vapor bath we use when the kids are sick. so we all have some seriously clear nasal passages.



So Violet is WAY into instruments right now. She constantly comes over to the computer asking for "keeaNO" (piano). And the other day Conor was watching an anime. When the final credits came on, Violet ran over to the TV and said "sahPHONE". Indeed it was a saxophone. Funny. She started doing it with guitar too. We listen to music together and talk about the instruments all the time. Today I was importing cds into ITunes. There was a free classical cd I got in some Enfamil promotion, so since Violet is so into the insruments, I imported it. It started playing and Violet came over and said "yie LIN". Indeed, it was a violin. So I played another. "awp" yes, it was a harp. In all she indentified the dominant instrument as piano, harp, cello, violin, and flute. I nearly fell off my chair. The ones she didn't know, she looked to me for. Unfortunately, I didn't know them all. The only one she got wrong was a classical guitar that she identified as harp. I'm ashamed of my bragging. Someone scold me.


i was crafty!


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