If you asked my sister Wendy if she thought I was weird, she'd say, "Yeah." But thats bullshit 'cause she's weird, cause she like has a family and a family picture on their VCR where they're all looking slightly to the left. Like something over there happened, and made everybody happy. ~ Mitch Hedburg


I am seriously all about your right to free assembly. I am not, however, all about trying to keep my children from looking out the window while driving down a public street for fear of them seeing poster sized photos of severed fetal heads. Wrap it up and go home Right to Life. We all know what a fetus looks like.


Cruel cruel world.

The gods conspired against me to send me the tiniest "new baby" sample diaper in the mail the very day my baby turned 2. Coincidence, pamper people? I think not. Damn you and your direct mail marketing campaign. Sending tiny tushie sized diapers to those of us mourning the growth of our babies. Shame.

And yes, that soft squishy belly is available for raspberries. No appointment neccessary.

*Update at Flower and Finn


Pants, was this on your voicemail?

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I especially like the way he says "ass yume".

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