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Nobody would bother to check my blog, since I never use it, so I'm checking in here for Sarah. Yesterday morning, July 16th at 4:16 am, Sarah delivered Finnegan Honor Jensen, a big ol' baby boy. He was 22" long and weighed 8 lb. 9.4 oz., and the crazy broad did it wihtout any drugs. He's doing great, he's a beautiful baby, looks a lot like his big sister did when she came out (although he's got my dad's nose). They're still at the hospital this morning, Violet and I are headed back out there soon, and if we're lucky, they might get to come home this afternoon.

I gotta run, sorry for the delayed and abbreviated post, but I'll give more details later, I promise. No pics or anything fun like that yet, but I'll have some when I get home later.

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seasons of the heart said...

OMG!! Congratulations to the entire family (I just KNEW it was going to be a boy). So exciting... glad everything went well...

nosuchluck said...

so, i didn't win the baby pool. GDMT!


very exciting.

so glad sv gets her body back. so glad finnegan gets to breathe real air now.

will be posting a big congrats on my myspace page!

nosuchluck said...


ChiroMum said...

Congrats again, Jensen family!!! Can't wait to see Baby Finn!

Sarah, seriously you rock...I need lessons (preferably before the oct due date).

Ayn Marie said...


I am so happy for you guys!!!!!

You are the best sarah! I am so excited for you!

fat little pug said...

wooooooo-hooooooooooooo! love me some baby!!!

LoryKC said...



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