seven things MEME

thank you eric for tagging me.

7 things I plan to do before I die:
1. work with the missionaries of charity in calcutta
2. adopt a child
3. enable conor to complete something on his "death wish" list
4. be able to make something from raw materials (besides a cake)
5. let my babies live the lives they've chosen
6. make these boobs shrink...one way or another...
7. have a flat tummy, forever beautifully decorated with silvery peaks and valleys, reminding me what my tummy can do.

7 things I can do:
1. make a good meal out of diddley squat
2. stick to my principles
3. properly use cloth diapers
4. drive an otherwise sane man to suicide (no comments oh peanuts gallery)
5. be the bigger person....(if i just keep muttering that under my breath)
6. be fiercely loyal to the end
7. breed like a bunny, apparently

7 things I cannot do:
1. hold my tongue. (hence the "bigger person" chant)
2. tolerate those who just don't care
3. properly use birth control
4. try new things without much arm twisting
5. listen to people talk down to their children
6. enjoy the ocean
7. deny my inner hippie any longer

7 things that attract me to another person:
1. sheer brilliance
2. the tiniest bit of arrogance
3. little blonde ringlets
4. chatterboxieness
5. an abhorance for all things footwear
6. brute strength
7. a willingness to put up with me

7 things I say most often:
1. what's she eating?
2. daaaaddyyyyy, i have a present for yooooouuuu.
3. violet. lay down.
5. you smell of cheese.
6. i'm so tired
7. there's a baby in my belly, his name is kubla khan. he is there because we could not help but get it on.

7 people I want to do this:
did everyone do this? i think everyone did this. wait. sarah, did you do this? how's about you do it, huh? unless you're on a blogging break. then just tell me to stick it in my ear. oooohhh...conor. you do it. please? with gravy on top?

15 rubber neckers:

fat little pug said...

i miss you

gone said...

I love the Kubla Khan rhyme. Nice.

ChiroMum said...

I loved your birth control comments, you make me laugh!

WunEyedDog said...

Hmm...I suppose.

WunEyedDog said...

Hmm...I totally don't get the seven things you like in another person. That's totally not me. :)

Ayn Marie said...

very clever. we have that breeding thing in common...and the cloth diapers...

PAgirly said...

cloth diapers make good burp clothes. a friend told me this and i concur. =)

fat little pug said...

p.s. i think you should call the baby "sprout: the sequel"

Eric said...

Thanks for playing!

sweetviolet said...

pugly- you just miss my crazy antics don't you?

cbt- why thank you. my poetry skills astound me.

chiro- at least now i can laugh about it too, huh?

birdy- musta been that first one that threw you off.

ayn- it's back to cloth diapers for us i think. at least part time. we'll be in the poor house.

pagirly- i agree. especially because you can bleach the hell out of them when they get gross. (providing you're not actually using them as diapers)

eric- thanks for asking me to play. that's nice. it's like getting picked for kickball.

Ayn Marie said...

That's all we've ever really used. I love it. and I love the fact that we already have them for baby2 so we don't have to buy any more.

PAgirly said...

im curious, what do you do with the "do-do" in a cloth diaper? it doesnt just go into the washer with the diaper, does it? sorry for sounding so naive.

Eric said...

You are welcome. Glad everyone I tagged actually is doing this. I feel special.

sweetviolet said...

pagirly- when they're itty-bitty and the poo is liquidy, it just goes in with the diapers. after that you shake it off in the toilet. they really are remarkably convenient. we never would have stopped using them if we hadn't had the initial baby traumas.

sweetviolet said...

ayn- i sold mine like a ninny.

eric- my pleasure. i like memes. i don't care what anybody says.


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