quiz for mothers

the wic office gave me this very informative pamphlet. see if you can pass this rigorous quiz:
1) Botulism is
a. caused by bacteria that can grow in your baby's stomach and make a strong poison
b. healthy for your baby

2) Do not dip your baby's pacifier in:
a. honey
b. water

3) Call the baby's doctor if your baby:
a. is too weak to cry, suck, eat, or swallow
b. has weak arms and legs
c. all of the above.

(if you need the answer key, feel free to contact me)

7 rubber neckers:

WunEyedDog said...

I know I know!!!!!!!!

sweetviolet said...

botulism is: the study of bots

do not dip pacifier in: poo

call doctor if: you need a supply of dippin' poo.

Ayn Marie said...

I passed :)

sweetviolet said...

oh ayn, i'm so glad. i would hate to see you think botulism is healthy for your baby. did you study?

ChiroMum said...

Ok, so I'm guessing the point of this was that honey is bad for the babe, right?

Poor Beebabe...no honey for her for a while!

sweetviolet said...

it's especially sad for the beebabe. she's over a year though...maybe just a taste.

Ayn Marie said...

Yes, I studied very hard before I was able to finally take it.


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