conversation with conor midst diaper change

Conor: So what are we gonna call it?
Sarah: Call what? The baby?
Conor: No. The Pooney. (what my mother calls it)
Sarah: Oh. We're gonna call it what it is.
Conor: What is it?
Sarah: Which part? The outside part?
Conor: Yeah.
Sarah: Its the vulva.
Conor: The vulva.
Violet: Vavavavava

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seasons of the heart said...

OMG. I just snorted water up my nose.

ChiroMum said...

This is AWESOME! (my mom calls it a petunia...kinda makes me snort when talking about planting petunias)

PAgirly said...

we call it the coobie.

fat little pug said...

I'm all about the cooter. Kind of dirty, probably not what I'd use with a child, but, there you go.

sweetviolet said...

seasons- the sad thing is she doesn't talk much. but she decides vulva is a good one.

chiro- i'm not going to be able to not feel dirty when i say petunias.

pa- it seems a "oo" sound and a "ee" sound are mandatory.

pugly- good to know you're "all about the cooter." i kind of feel silly using anatomically correct terminology, but you know what i'm going for. i just have to not show that i feel like a nincompoop saying it. i just try not to do the "yes violet, that's your eye. and that's your foot, and that's your (snicker...snort) vulva.

fat little pug said...

I think that's a noble thing. Well done.

WunEyedDog said...

You'd think that we could be adults about it, but I feel silly about using the correct terms, too. Seriously.

Bratsky said...

That's because the medical names for things sound horrifically harsh and sterile and frankly strike a bit of fear in me.


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