The many ways I drive myself nuts

Violet never had bottles. By never, I mean not since she was 8 weeks old or so. I've decided to use bottles occasionally with the next baby, although I still intend to be a shameless public nurser. So begins my research. Because I can't tie my shoes without researching the best way to tie shoes. (That statement really made me want to look up shoe tying.) My instinct says glass bottles. So I read. It seems that polycarbonate bottles have this nasty habit of leaching chemicals into breastmilk. (90% of bottles on the market are polycarbonate.) Studies and experts have differing conclusions as to the danger of this. So glass it is, right? Well it also seems that the leukocytes (immune factors) in breastmilk tend to "stick" to the inside of glass bottles, thus passing fewer of them on to the baby. DAMMIT. It also seems that medela and evenflo both make a plastic bottle out of a "safer" type of plastic. So there's another option. Just to top it of....I learned something about boobies when I started nursing. Did you know they're nothing like a bottle nipple? They're more like a shower head. Interesting huh? So there's a nipple made by "Second Nature" that mimics this, allowing the baby to control the flow, just like the breast. I'm thrilled by this find. Unfortunately, the only glass bottles I can find in this country have narrow necks. Of course the Second Nature nipples are for wide neck bottles. Once again, DAMMIT.

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Ayn Marie said...

Hayden never had a bottle either. she thought I was insane the couple of times I even tried to give her one. I am for SURE pumping my brains (or I guess...boobs) out with this baby. I am going to stockpile the stuff like I am starting a bank.

LoryKC said...

Neither of my kids did too well with bottles, though with my second, I was more determined to LEAVE them with their father, even if for only an hour, so he learned to make do.
Obviously, make an informed decision but either way will be fine as you'll be primarily nursing. If a few leukocytes stick to the bottle--I'm sure the little tyke will get enough from you on the next round!
I had some luck with the Playtex bottles --they have a wider neck--they're plastic bottles but you can insert the plastic bag of milk into the bottle. (I could pump and store the milk in the bags--just run them under warm water to defrost and then insert the bag into the bottle)
Good luck!

rollerskater said...

jeesh! i didn't know there was so much involved in choosing a good bottle. argh! now i've gotta research too...although i know from sneaking a look at my registry that someone bought me the advent newborn set. gah!

sweetviolet said...

ayn- too bad we can't sell it huh? we'd be rich!

lory- i have some of those playtex nursers and some of the ventaire ones. and i'm sure that the immunity factor problem will be FINE. i just drive myself bonkers over the littlest things!

skater- i'm really excited about those second nature nipples. good luck on your bottle adventure!

WunEyedDog said...

You're loony.

PAgirly said...

uh...i just read this post about selling breastmilk...thought i'd humor you.

i'll ask all of my new breastfeeding buddies what kinds of bottles they're using and get back to you with the dirt.

fat little pug said...

this is reason no. 86754 why i'm never having kids.

sweetviolet said...

birdy- indeed.

pagirly- i know people do it, but it tends to be illegal. you CAN donate it though, but wheres the fun in that?

pugly- some people aren't quite as crazy as i. its good to keep a running tally though.


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