you oughta be in pictures

i don't know how many times people have told me that baby V should be a baby model. Right. yesterday it was the lady at the car dealership. i think that people mean it as a compliment. to what exactly i don't know. my gene pool? certainly not. what i want to tell them is that she would probably poke the photographer in the eye and leave a drool trail on her way out the door. there are bigger things in store for this child. her thighs for instance.

3 rubber neckers:

WunEyedDog said...

Who knew, there's a little bit of the Michelin Man running in my family. It's good that she's as cute as she is if she's gonna have legs like that! Just kidding.

gone said...

I want to jump through that picture and squeeze her chubby thighs!

sweetviolet said...

she has a book called "counting kisses" that refers to "chubby, yummy knees." i think that's a perfect description of baby flub.


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