cart me off

i'm losing it. i live groundhog day. 6 am nurse, 7 am up, 730 breakfast, 9 nap, 1130 lunch, 1200 swim....you get the picture. i know i need to talk to violet more, but at this point i feel like i'm boring her. how many times does she want to hear a play by play of unloading the dishwasher? 6 bowls, violet. they go up here. 9 forks, they go over here. yeah yeah mom...i got it bowls, forks. how many times can i ask her how she likes her bananas? she's heard that bananas are yellow, grow in south america, are a fruit, and have a lot of potassium. she knows that sweet potatoes are a tuber, grow underground, and have a lot of vitamin A. i've gotta get out of the house...other than the mailbox.

4 rubber neckers:

WunEyedDog said...

I do everything I can short of dragging her out of the house by her hair on the days I'm off work, and she fights me the whole way. Then, when she doesn't get out, she complains. What do you want from me, huh?

gone said...

I laughed out loud when I read this. Giving your baby a play-by-play on everything you do starts to not only annoy them, but after a while you start to forget what its like talking to someone else rather than to your infant. Anyway, it was hillarious.

gone said...

i am an idiot.

sweetviolet said...

i have removed all evidence. no one will ever know


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