I'm sure I've mentioned once or twice how I feel about the concept of prizing virginity as precious gift to be protected by daddy, then handed over to a husband. I can't, for the life of me, get it to bother me that Conor has had sexual partners before me. Maybe I can't get it to bother me, since he has had fewer than I have. But I digress. That to say, I love LM Montgomery (authoress...her word...of the Anne of Green Gables series). And I love this quote:

"A man always asks to be a woman's first love; a woman wishes to be a man's last...I should not care how many predecessors I had; but I must have no successors!" - Lucy Maud Montgomery

5 rubber neckers:

Melliferous Pants said...

Lucy had it right!

Ɯbermilf said...

They won't let me play your new quizzes!

I call foul!

Also, I might not've been first but I'm the best.

At least in my own mind.

Norma Shineynickels said...

That is a brilliant quote. And so very true.

electric boogaloo said...

uber: i made a new tournament on the poopsy-woo blog. i think you have to register for the new tournament. then just update your bookmark to the new one. come play though. you are a worthy opponent!

McMama said...

I was just reading a book on evolutionary psychology at B&N. Humans are naturally polygynous, so I'm not surprised people who are more open and less into "societal norms" don't feel threatened by it.


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