In pharma's pocket

Not that I was remotely considering voting for Mitten Romney, but I just realized that he is the governor who overturned the Massachusetts legislature's decision to prohibit the distribution of those good ol' formula stuffed goody bags to new mothers by hospitals. Nothing like saying that breastfeeding thing (the one the the AAP recommends) ain't REALLY going to work out. So we'll just stock you up on formula now. I actually had a nurse come trotting out of the room bringing me the several cans of formula that I deliberately left sitting in the room. Possibly the same nurse who asked Conor "what possessed" me to have natural childbirth. I traipsed out with a "No thanks, we don't need it."

Check out this handy breastfeeding in public pocket guide. Somebody...ahem.....needs to get crackin' in Idaho. They have NO legislation protecting public breastfeeding.

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Ann said...

are you talking to me! :)

I had no idea! thanks for that. I am going to have to get some girlfriends around here in the know!

our hospital here is really breast-feeding friendly though! all the gowns are nursing-ready, and they don't give you formula at all unless you ask for it.


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