I was tagged by Purgatory Lory and Punk Rock Ladybug. One for 8 random things, and one for 7. So here are my 15 things. Conor would be so proud of my math!

1) I find removing body hair to be a completely ludicrous tradition. But I do it anyway.

2) If I could have one superpower from the Heroes crowd, it would be the ability to acquire and retain information, a la that chick from the diner that got her head chopped open.

3) I find doing things in order to not disrupt the status quo, or because you'd just "rather not know" to be the most deplorable qualities.

4) I recently learned about a practice called Christian Domestic Discipline, which entails physical discipline of the wife by the husband. Consensually. I'm not sure how I feel about it on the level that, an adult woman should be able to do what she wishes with her body, but I find it repulsive.
5) My favorite artist is May Ann Licudine.

6) Conor and I are getting matchy matchy tattoos. Aren't we special?

7) I swear Finnegan was trying to say "button" yesterday.

8) I have the uncontrollable urge to suggest parenting books to people, even though I realize that people don't get as thrilled about them as I do.

9) Wife beaters are sexy. SEXY I SAY! (the shirts...not the christian domestic discipline crowd)

10) So is chest hair, dammit!

11) However, gold chains resting in a nest of chest hair tufting from a wife beater are NOT.

12) I like visiting bizarre websites. (CDD, for example) I also like to look at families advertising for "sister wives", and read about feral children.

13) While I was writing this, Finn was playing in the toilet.

14) Since getting married and having kids, I think about death almost everyday.

15) Have you ever seen that montage from America's Funniest Home Videos of men changing diapers and falling all over themselves gagging? I didn't find it funny at all. It made me want to punch them in the face.

2 rubber neckers:

Ann Marie said...

that would be a VERY cool skill!

LoryKC said...

Thanks for posting!
I'd never heard of May Ann Licudine--thanks for the link!


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