In the proverbial nutshell

1) Kids play in garage
2) Dog pees in garage
3) Baby crawls through pee in garage
4) Baby is stripped, sanitized, and placed on the floor
5) Baby makes it to the fifth stair before Mother notices he's missing
6) Mother returns with Baby to discover Toddler has dumped tupperware full of itsy teeny weeny ponytail holders on the floor
7) Mother re-deposits Baby on the floor, and picks up 700 itsy teeny weeny ponytail holders.
8) Mother turns around to notice Baby is missing
9) Mother collapses at the bottom of the stairs as Baby looks down from the top landing.

pictures from a previous accompanied trip up the stairs

3 rubber neckers:

Ann Marie said...

are you trying to describe my day??

ChiroMum said...

Good lord!! Ok, my house may attract every natural disaster known to man, but at least we have minimal stairs...Looks like Conor is going to have a rock climbing companion soon....

sweetviolet said...

oh, the three of us with the toddler and the baby! why do we do it to ourselves?


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