a fat rant

watch it. seriously.

there are some people in my life for whom weight seems to be the be all end all. for whom the question "how's she doing" equates to "still fat?". two babies in a five foot frame make for a belly that looks like a cross between a deflated beach ball and a topographical map. and no matter how much i weigh, that's not going to change. i'm by no means saying that the pregnancy ice cream didn't help, but my body nourished some little people and took a beating in the process. and while we're at it, could someone do a short rant? we need clothes too.

8 rubber neckers:

conor said...

That's a very nice rant, hers and yours.

fat little pug said...

*wipes eyes*

Oh, you knew this would get me going. I cannot even begin to describe my reaction to this. TELL ME that doesn't sound EXACTLY like the things that have come out of my mouth. I love her now. I almost peed when she did the bit about People magazine and someone weighing "TWO HUNDRED POUNDS!!!!" like they need to be forklifted into their car every morning.

Oh my goddess...brilliant. And by the way...I weigh 265 pounds. It *is* just a number. A number you may have a rocky relationship with, but a number just the same.

Hmmm...where else to go with this. I have ALWAYS, and I do mean ALWAYS hated people who feel the need to ask about your weight like it's some sort of cancerous growth on your torso. "How are you doing with that?" "Oh, well, thanks for asking, the fat has gone malignant, please send prayers."

IT'S MY BODY PEOPLE, NOT A DISEASE. This video was SO spot on, I could jump up and down and kiss her, and I love her now forever. I love you forever too. I think you're lovely, I always have.

sweetviolet said...

birdy- glad you enjoyed. and let's hear it for throwing out clothes that are taking up space and pissing us off!

pugly- i had a good ha hee hoo at "the fat has gone malignant, please send prayers." can we add casseroles to that request?

sweetviolet said...

the people magazine really struck me too, because i just saw the issue with valerie bertinelli, where she "vows to get slim" because she's a *gasp* size FOURTEEN. i read the headline and my reaction was....so she's average? the horror.

fat little pug said...

Oh, the Horror indeed. Just write me off as a goner, sometimes I wear a size 22/24 so I may as well buy muumuus and lay in bed all day. Gak.

sweetviolet said...

Violet called me muumuu today.

Ann Marie said...

no kidding!! I hate that bigger sizes of clothes mean that you must be taller!!!! all of my pants are WAY TOO LONG!! rrgh!

sweetviolet said...

ann- yes, we must be a subspecies of amazon women.


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