Extended Breastfeeding

"Evidence suggests more women are breast-feeding their children until they're toddlers and older -- and they're not just earth-mother stereotypes"

Boston Globe Article.

I nursed Violet until she was 17 months. She weened during my pregnancy with Finn out of sheer lack of milk. It just wouldn't stick around with all those pregnancy hormones interfering. I've had some problems with supply, hence my pancake post. I truly truly hope to make it to a minimum of 2 with Finn without losing my milk. It's already looking down, and that makes me a little crazy. Once we get moved in and settled, I'm doing everything I can to bump up supply. I'll be buying stock in oatmeal and fenugreek crops. My doctor, as much as I love him, made the comment that Finn had the 6 months of exclusive nursing, and anything else would just be gravy. I don't really understand why that would be the case, as if human milk magically loses it's immunological and nutritional properties. Like my boobies have turned into pumpkins at six months postpartum. I think he was just trying to prepare me for the possibility that my milk wouldn't bump back up. I'm digging my heals in, but with a commitment that I will do what is best for Finn. I will not refuse to supplement if that is what is necessary for him to gain weight properly, but I will do my damndest to try to make sure it won't be necessary.


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MacKenzie said...

I'm also taking Fenugreek to boost my supply. I have been supplementing since I never seemed to have quite enough for James. Hopefully I can keep my supply up for him better than I did for MacKenzie.

ChiroMum said...

You can do it, Sarah!! I know you can! I'll be with you in the oatmeal and fenugreek club for a while...being away from Pippa has really thrown my supply for a loop.

sweetviolet said...

mac- how goes the pancake armpits?? i highly recommend checking out kellymom.com if you haven't already. they have really been my definitive authority on all things boobie related. good luck with keeping up the supply!

chiro- i can't even imagine the frustration of low supply coupled with having to PUMP! you're a trooper.

Anonymous said...

a big fat kudos to you. i will be trying much harder with sprout #2 (when the time comes, no announcement here). very disappointed with what happened with hailey. hopefully next time around, things will be more calm and collected.

MacKenzie said...

I've checked it out and it's also helped me. Hopefully we can all do what's best and keep nursing as long as we all want to.

sweetviolet said...

amy- it's the curse of doing it all alone. if we had a support system for this type of thing, we'd be so much more successful. unfortunately, it's just not the way things are so much anymore.

mac- amen. i'm certainly not going to tell everyone they have to nurse through toddlerhood, but if that's what they choose then i'm all about supporting them in that decision.


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