it's like the three stooges around here

we don't believe in purel

conor's attempt at a humorous grocery list

and. um. I'm not quite sure what this is.

7 rubber neckers:

rollerskater said...

it's just a bowl on the head, dontcha know? :) looks like fun times at your house!

camille said...

i love it when kids play around and acutlly get dirty!!!!! yaya playing in the mud!

fat little pug said...


PAgirly said...

that is the BEST mudhole i've ever seen.

in that last picture, maybe she wants a bowl haircut?

i'm laughing because my word verif. is "xerest". it's 3am and i WISH i were r.e.s.t-ing right now.

ChiroMum said...

These are great! We have friends w/a similar grocery list, and Gene's lifelong goal is to put something obnixous on the list and acutally have them BUY it...he accomplished it once w/LARD (blegh...why the heck a pair of grown men would need Lard, I'll never know, but they bought it!).

sweetviolet said...

skater- it's the inside to a rice cooker that she's mildly obsessed with. it seems she took it from the kitchen for the express purpose of wearing it as a hat.

camille- people constantly say "oh no, you don't want to touch that...it's DIIIIIRRRRTY" to her. like hands don't wash or something.

pagirly- sadly, that mudhole is in our backyard.

chiro- the question "why the heck would a pair of grown men need lard" just sent me places i didn't want to go.

Eric said...



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