I AM: having contractions
I SAID: something i shouldn't, more than likely
I WANT: to be prepared
I WISH: i wasn't in podunk
I HATE: cheaters. stupid brad pitt and stuff.
I MISS: home
I FEAR: uncertainty
I HEAR: the hum of the baby monitor
I WONDER: where we'll end up
I REGRET: everything stupid i did that didn't lead me here.
I AM NOT: enthusiastic
I DANCE: on your grave. HA HA HA.
I SING: lullabies more than anything else
I CRY: when i wake up from a bad dream about being in love with conor and going to his wedding with someone else. preggos have weird dreams.
I AM NOT ALWAYS: tired. just most of the time.
I MADE: hot dogs for dinner. nitrate free at least.
I WRITE: in capital letters mostly
I CONFUSE: lie and lay. what the heck are the rules for that again?
I NEED: some rugs. my floor gets filthy.
I SHOULD: eat less pudding
I START: insane nesting in my last 2 months
I FINISH: if you're from finland, you're finnish
I TAG: you. and you and you and you.

6 rubber neckers:

PAgirly said...

oooooo....this looks fun.

fat little pug said...

haha! you're funny.

ChiroMum said...

very cute...I'm with you on the weird preggers dreams...last night, gene divorced me so that I could marry the king of Switzerland...does Switzerland even have a King, I ask you?? Are the Contrax ok? (yes, I realize how odd it may be to ask about the 'ok'-ness of a freaking contraction...its early).

sweetviolet said...

pa- i expect to see your version then.

pugly- why thank you. we finnish are funny.

chiro- as far as i know switzerland has no king. but you never know about those swiss. the contractions are fine. just very very frequent.

ChiroMum said...

Blegh on the contractions...call if you need anything.

WunEyedDog said...

You NEED some help is what you need. :)


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