Today's adventure: Swan Lake
Violet lacks a natural fear of animals that are bigger than she.
Doesn't everyone have an inborn fear of Canadian geese?

6 rubber neckers:

WunEyedDog said...

Strange little child. She's a lot like her mama.

Ayn Marie said...

seeing these pictures makes me sOOOOOOOOOO anxious for spring. it was nice out yesterday so we spent a ton of time playing outside and she slept allllll night!!!!! i can't wait for more days like that!!!

PAgirly said...

i do. those suckers are mean. until i moved to the midwest, i was unaware that they had these creepy long tongues and hissed at you. :(

ChiroMum said...

I HATE those things...esp the really ugly ones with funky red growths on their faces! My hat is OFF to Miss V...hey, maybe I should dress BeeBabe like a goose...perhaps that would endear her with V?

rollerskater said...

i hate them because i got bitten by one on the ass! ouch!!!

sweetviolet said...

dogface- lucky you.

ayn- ok our children are no longer on the same page. violet was awake from 2-5 and then slept in until 9. blah.

pagirly- and then there's the poo.

chiro- um. didn't you grow up on a turkey farm?

skater- is that why they call it getting goosed?


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