For the cloth diaper crowd

I know at least 3 of you my little blogger friends use cloth diapers.
Here's what I can get and offer a discount on (generally about 15% off retail).
Pictures are just an example, there are many more products. Check out the websites.

Happy Heinys:


All products including:

Pocket Diapers $14.95 (discounted $12.70)
Fitted Diapers $10.50 (discounted $9.00)
Fleece Covers Prices vary
Wool Covers Prices vary

If you tell me size and style, I can tell you what colors/prints I can get them in.


Cotton Prefolds
Color Prefolds
Fitted Diapers
Hemp Prefolds
Flat Diapers
Baby Wipes
Flannel Diaper Liners
Microterry Inserts


Take a look at the websites, and let me know if you need anything in the next couple of weeks. I'll probably be placing another order shortly before or after Sprout's arrival (July).

10 rubber neckers:

Ayn Marie said...

those are very cute! :)

sweetviolet said...

thanks. i just thought i'd put this up here. it'll be in the archives if anyone every needs diapers. i'm all about spreading the love of making baby rearing cheaper.

WunEyedDog said...

Yay for cheap diapers.

MacKenzie said...

I love cloth diapers!

rollerskater said...

i don't know if we'll need anything in july, but i will certainly let you know. cheap diapers (and ones that are better for the earth and the baby) rule!

sweetviolet said...

mac- they make for a very cute round baby butt.

skater- if you do ever need any, just let me know. i'm pretty sure neither of these places have minimum orders.

sweetviolet said...

by the way. what do you guys use? with miss V (who now wears sposies) we did unbleached prefolds, super whisper wraps, a few contoured, a few fitted. we never had any aio's. i've never done the pocket diapers (which is what the happy heiny's are) or the fleece or wool wraps. just interested!

Melliferous Pants said...

Do they come in adult sizes?

MacKenzie said...

We got some Fuzzi Bunz kind of like HH. I bought double inserts and liners. I like AIO (all-in-one) because you don't need covers.

sweetviolet said...

ooo. fuzzi bunz are nice. i'm going to have to go the prefold/cover route for MOST of the diaperings. a few aios would be awesome. i found out how to make wool soakers from old sweaters, so i'm going to try that. wool soakers are so cute and so nice, but sooo expensive. so this might be a good route for me.

pants- you may want to hit up the fetish crowd...


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