i comply


1. First kiss: Kevin Milligan. Went on to become quite the handsome naval pilot.

2. First love: Peter Jones. Generic name, huh? 5th Grade.

3. First heartbreak: I put it off until I was 21. Not too shabby.

4. First car: 1987 Mazda 626. Had tons of bells and whistles. Sold it with 207,000 miles.

5. First pet: Bela. Scary looking German Shepherd. One of those once-in-a-lifetime dogs.

6. First word: No idea

7. First concert: I believe it was MC Hammer at the Illinois State Fair

8. First sexual partner: The Wrestler

9. First alcoholic beverage: I can't remember exactly. Something the corrupters gave me, I'm sure.

10. First time you stayed out all night: I'm pretty sure I was an adult at the time.

11. First best friend: see first kiss

12. First job: I was a weight loss counselor. Idn't that funny?

13. First school: Unity Point. Audrey Hartline was my kindergarten teacher. She signed her name with a heart and a line. It was cute.

14. First movie you watched in a theater: No clue

15. First thing you really saved up money for: possibly paying off credit cards?

16. First run in with the Law: me and my moving violations. not to mention parking tickets. Whoo!

17. First date: I don't think I had one. I never had the "will you go to this place with me on a date?" thing. I always ended up dating friends.

1. Last kiss: Miss Violet
2. Last person you hugged: Miss Violet
3. Last person you spoke to: in person: Miss Violet email: my husband
4. Last alcoholic beverage: i wish i could remember.
5. Last sexual partner: should i make some really bad joke here?
6. Last movie: Under the Sand. Weird. Foreign.
7. Last person you thought of: the fat little pug
8. Last school you went to: COD
9. Last person you said " I love you" to: Miss Violet
10. Last run in with the Law: it's been awhile. parking tickets probably.
11. Last fight you were in: what, like fist fight? i'm sure the last person I verbally sparred with was Conor.
12. Last bar/club/concert/party you went to: Um. um um um....oh yeah! The office Christmas party.
13. Last person you e-mailed: Conor
14. Last thing you ate: Fresh coconut.
15. Last thing you saved up money for: saving money for furniture....

1. Next person you want to kiss: Conor and Violet can fight for me
2. Next movie you want to see: V for Vendetta (me too me too! only we have to wait for netflix, so maybe i should watch something in the interim)
3. Next person you want to go out with: My husband
4. Next car you want to have: No more cars.
5. Next time you're going out: Tomorrow morning 9 am
6. Next time you're going to move: Probably when the Air Force tells us to.
7. Next thing you are going to save money for: College?
8. Next time that you will drink alcohol: um. funny question there.
9. Next person you are going to call: Angela. To find her in the parking lot at the Highland Games.
10. Next place you'll take vacation: Ireland? maybe.
11. Next thing you are going to do after filling this survey out: sleep until the flower makes her nightime peeps.
12. Next thing you are going to eat: cream of wheat in the AM. yum.
13. Next time you plan to be drunk: once again....
14. Next thing you are going to do outside: Go watch scottish guys throw rocks and stuff.
15. Next person you'd like to see fill this out: Chiro? you're still alive, right?

6 rubber neckers:

fat little pug said...

How was the Highlander rock throwing? That sounds like fun!!

sweetviolet said...

it was fun. the morning was more like a baby wrangling contest though. But there was the throwing of the really heavy iron thingies, and the tossing over a pole of really heavy sacks with a pitchfork. sadly, i didn't get to see the caber tossing. they had a border collie herding sheep thing that was really cool though. i passed on the haggis.

Melliferous Pants said...

My first car was a Mazda 626, I LOVED that car!

Melliferous Pants said...

By the way, I borrowed this meme. Thank you!

sweetviolet said...

pants, its nice to see you again. I as well loved the mazda. oscillating fans???? did yours have them. why didn't that catch on?

ChiroMum said...

I'm still here...I'll save the meme for work today, lol! Hope you guys are safely on the way to C-town (or thereabouts). SV, you may have missed the cabor tossing, but even more sadly, you missed the awesomeness that is Rathkeltair. I'll have to burn you a copy of some of their stuff...


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