what are mommies for?

my dear sweet conor's bike was stolen. he was angry at himself for leaving it on the back porch, and felt like an idiot. in that situation i would call my mommy, and she would say how sorry she was. conor called his mommy. she gave him a nice hearty i told you so. conor's bike was stolen when he was 12. TWELVE for god's sake. his mom told him she thought he had learned his lesson. conor looked so dejected when he got off the phone. i stroked his head and told him i was sorry. but i was mostly sorry that his mom wasn't very comforting. poor birdy.

3 rubber neckers:

ChiroMum said...

Perhaps you should send the photo on this blog entry as a post card to remind her why being a nice mom is a good thing. Poor conor. Perhaps this is the push for building his own bike now?

fat little pug said...

oh poo. poor birdy indeed. i wish him luck in the bike building.

sweetviolet said...

he would like to build a bike, but we have no garage. we'll see what happens. right now we may just buy a cheap bike.


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