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:: FEEL Your Way to Find Your Way ::

Once you understand that the primary purpose of your emotions is to guide your thinking, you no longer need to over-rely on cold rationality to make good parenting decisions.
Your decisions can be "emotional" without being irrational. (They may, however, transcend conventional rationality.)

The key is to be willing to *wait*. Take no action until your emotions give you the green light, because your culturally pre-programmed answers come up immediately, while your creative process takes sometime to ripen.

Often a particular choice seems very reasonable, but you feel *something* isn't quite right. Connecting with the feeling and waiting for more clarity usually reveal another aspect that, when considered, leads to a better course of action.

If you have a history of indecisiveness, don't go for"perfect" decisions. When your creative process leads to any feeling of *relief*, consider it a green light for a *good enough* decision. You can always amend your decision later.

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Norma Shineynickels said...

I may be dense, but I don't understand this. Can you relate this to parenting for me?

electric boogaloo said...

sometimes he's a bit obtuse. what i got from it was this:

We are so culturally programed to respond in a certain way to things that come our way. Often (and I find this to be true as a parent) we revert immediately to what we are "supposed" to do while we have this uneasy feeling that something isn't quit right. It is in ignoring this feeling (emotion) that we run off track. We need to take a moment to really *feel* about the situation and then act accordingly to our instincts, rather than what we're "supposed" to do.

Norma Shineynickels said...

okay, well, that seems to make sense to me then. seems kind of common-sensical.

electric boogaloo said...

You would think, but we kind of get into a "train up the child" mindset, and forget the emotional connection.

Ann said...

oh man, this reminds me so much of why I really have a HUGE problem with my "Psychology of Learning" class on Monday nights. It's a very interesting class, but I pretty much discard 90% of the information that is taught!!!!

It is completely focused on behaviorism and how we have to train people to behave certain ways!!!!! I want to freaking scream by the end of class every week! at least my prof is like, "you basically just have to take this as a learning experience. Basically, take in the information that makes since to you and let go of the rest"

I think about you every monday....you would vomit. It's all about punishments and rewards for behaviors, making sure the it is given in no more than 60 seconds..blah, blah, blah....

electric boogaloo said...

You're right, I would probably vomit. I abhor B.F. Skinner. I think that his contributions to the field of psychology (while obviously important) were the catalyst for generations of conditional approval for children. bleh.


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