hello, memaw?

My phone has been broken for quite some time. Since there is quite literally NO place within 100 miles of where I'm staying in Southern Illinois to get a Sprint phone repaired, Conor took it with him to Missouri. I have made several trips back and forth with 2 kids and no phone. Not so safe. I called to inquire about the status of my phone repair. It has been several weeks. My phone was not fixed. Conor called them up and layed the smack down. (It was kinda hot). So he got me a loaner phone. The person who had the phone before me left me contact numbers for Cody, Memaw, and Pappap. My ring tone options where Third Day and Larry the Cable Guy. There was a very blurry and too close picture of a hound dog of some sort.

2 rubber neckers:

Ann said...

That CRACKS me up!!!!!

Melliferous Pants said...

I just got out of my Sprint contract...their customer service was total and complete hell for me. I hope it goes better for you!


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