good, bad, indifferent?

We had family photos taken before Conor went to tech school. We took a mid photo session break to put Finn down for a nap, and returned to take some pictures of just me and Conor. Walking downstairs with the photographer, she posed the strangest question I've ever been asked. I'm sure she was just attempting to make small talk. Nonetheless. Weirdest. Question. Ever.

She asked "Are your kids good?"

"Good?" I replied.

"Like, well-behaved," she answered.


I responded rather awkwardly that one was a toddler and one was a baby.

Now I'm of the opinion that babies cannot and do not misbehave. And well toddlers....If they aren't "misbehaving" (and I take some exception to that term) they probably aren't alive.

I've decided if anyone ever asks me if my kids are "good"..... as opposed to rotten to the core, I will respond:

Good? No way. That little one knocked over a liquor store. The girl uses the F-word constantly, and I've caught her with men in her bed. Twice.

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Mermaidgrrrl said...

I freakin hate that question! People ask me that about my 3 month old and I answer "Of course he's good - children are inherently good". They always follow up with "You know what I mean though...." and I say "no, I don't" and they look uncomfortable. Aren't people weird?

ChiroMum said...

Sarah, PLEASE let me be around when you respond to that question. Heck, I'm even ready to set someone up to ask you that just so I can see the reaction to your statement!! I get that question a lot, being here in the South. I usually just blow it off...that and the 'you're going to spoil them if you, blah blah blah.'

we are reilly said...

You make me laugh -- that was a GREAT response! I don't know if I've ever heard anyone ask me if my daughter is "good" -- maybe I don't give them enough time to ask.......I just tell them what great and wonderful things she's getting into -- she's a toddler, of course!


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