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I thought it was quite enjoyable that I was doing a post about the Wiggles just after my last post.

So here are my thoughts on the Wiggles.

Apparently, it isn't cool to watch the Wiggles. Hipsters don't let their kids watch the Wiggles. There are cool artists out there making music for kids. Unfortunately, the Wiggles have something that toddlers totally dig.

NOW. My options are 1) Make damned sure my kids fit into my definition of what is cool or 2) Trust my kids to know what they like and don't like.

Provided it isn't damaging in someway (other than to the coolness factor), I'm going with option #2. I suppose option 3 would be to have never exposed her to them, but that ship has sailed.

I certainly think you should expose kids to all sorts of music and stimuli and what not. Even tell them what you think of it. But that's where my job ends.

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fat little pug said...

I think you're totally right, but the Wiggles still creep me out.

ChiroMum said...

I HATE the Wiggles...but, BeeBabe LOVES them, so guess I'm stuck till she finds something she likes better. Still...it could be worse, right?!

Laura said...

i'm just avoiding them like the plauge. we prefer "jack's big music show" as a slightly less annoying alternative!

sweetviolet said...

pugly- yeah. i kinda dig that they make shows FOR kids though, without the "keep the parents entertained too" stuff that so many do.

chiro- it could. it could be barney.

laura- i loved jack's big music show when we had tv. i think part of the wiggles appeal is the sing-along aspect that they get into at a certain age. less plot, more tunes.

conor said...

Damn, I was hoping for dirty Wiggle pictures.

Ann said...

I put the wiggles on for hayden one time and she wanted dora... hahaha. my favorite is still charlie and lola and she can watch it anytime she wants!! :)

sweetviolet said...

conor- dirty wiggles. he he.

ann- there was a long time that she was NOT interested. then she changed her mind. as for dora, oh dear god...she makes me want to pull my hair out. why does she have to YELL EVERYTHING? and say EVERYTHING with the SAME INFLECTION?

LoryKC said...

Ah, the Wiggles...

I completely agree with you. They annoy me but my son LOVED the Wiggles. Thankfully my kids have outgrown them. Unfortunately, with another little peanut on the way, I'm sure we'll be listening to "Fruit Salad" again in the future!


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