Take a whiff

ATTENTION LURKERS: I know you have favorite smells. Everyone does..... Delurk already.

Having just taken a big breath of hot rain, I got to thinking about my favorite smells. What are your top 5?

5) Summer thunderstorm
Not very original.
4) Starbucks bathroom soap
Seriously. That stuff smells great.
3) Jasmine.
The actual flowers, not pseudoscent. They remind me of India. They were incorporated into womens' braids and garlands. It's a bonus if they happen to be mixed with the smell of street vendors' cooking. As you can imagine, that doesn't happen too often.
There is something very nostalgic about it. I suppose because I grew up with a wood stove in the basement.
1) Breastmilk breath. There is not a sweeter smell on earth than baby's breath au booby-milk. I heard someone describe it as "applesauce breath". That's pretty close, but I think it's really indescribable.

7 rubber neckers:

Ann Marie said...

I've been thinking about this all night, and seriously I am trying so hard to think of some different smells that I love, but you took all the good ones!!!!!!!!!

but, I thought of breast-milk spit up...I always love that :)

also, just the smell of coffee makes me so excited.

lilacs an assylum flowers

of course, the summer thunderstorm...and we had and AMAZING one last night and I opened the window and took some big whiffs of that!! :)

This perfume I have, Lolita Lempicka...yum! It made several of my girlfriends want to make out with me! :)

sweet, clean babies. I love that.

ok, fine that is more than 5. haha

conor said...

I love spicy smells, and I love the smell of fresh baked chocolate cookies. Pancakes, definitely pancakes. Mmm, that's about all I can come up with.

sweetviolet said...

ann - sure...it was your perfume....

you know what's amazing? 6 years at starbucks and i still like the smell of coffee brewing. not a big fan of the coffee in my clothes and hair thing though.

conor- you're a spicy meatball.

Ann said...

oh, I thought of something else! basil! I looooove the smell of basil!

fat little pug said...

It's hard for me to pick just 5 things...hmmmm...in no particular order...some are repeats...

5. fresh ground coffee (i'm not tired of it either)
4. fall leaves
3. fresh laundry
2. the sleep pug smell
1. the way justin's pillow smells

kristi said...

i love breast milk breath too
- and just my baby's breath in general


when we fire up the bbq grill

fresh coffee

i'm with ann on the sweet, clean babies too

Melliferous Pants said...

Does Starbucks bathroom soap smell like Bandaids? I find the bandaid scented soap fascinating.


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