diaper brigade

It's time for me to order diapers! Chromium, Rollerskater, Ayn, and whomever else: let me know if you need anything. Email me if you do, and I'll give you a list of everything I carry.

The quick list:
Pocket Diapers
Prefolds (White, Natural, Hemp, and Dyed)
Fitted Diapers (Sherpa, Hemp, Cotton)
Inserts, Liners, Stuffers, Wipes
Covers: (Wool, Fleece, Polyester)

6 rubber neckers:

rollerskater said...

if i had a girl, i'd totally be purchasing this mod diaper. that is sweet.

i just got 12 all in ones as a gift! oh my...how i do love them. thanks for the offer though, and if i can think of a good excuse to order any more before you do, i will let you know!

rollerskater said...
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Ayn Marie said...

i have tooooooooooooooooons of diapers right now. :( and I am almost to the point with 2 kids that I just want to treat myself to disposables...

sweetviolet said...

skater- oooo. lucky you! aio's are heavenly. free ones are even better.

ayn- for heavens sake, don't do yourself in. you could use sposies for outings if you don't do that. or seriously, nobody's going to think anything if you do switch!

Ayn Marie said...

i think i will... :)

so now I have a TON of AIO's to sell....

ChiroMum said...

HEY! I'll be getting back to you by the end of the week...doing my research right now.

Um, Hi ayn, my name is Chiromum and please feel free to send me a list of your AIO's for sale!! SV has my email addy if you are interested.


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