I've been recently overcome with the desire to move to a cabin in the woods and raise my barefoot brood.

A few notes about real estate in Utah.

1) 3 bedrooms must not be much in demand, as it seems 4-7 (yes 7) bedrooms are more the norm.

2) Lots of pencils or pastels of Jesus on the walls

3) Next to Jesus, lots of dead animals on the walls as well.

So, what's the appeal to me? Could someone enlighten me, cause I really have no idea.

1 rubber neckers:

Melliferous Pants said...

I've been trying to think of things to lure you to SLC with and I don't think "my niece is the best!" would work. Though, I do think you and my sister have similar parenting styles and I totally want you two to be BFF mommy friends.


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