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Conor has applied to 2 schools, both of them in the city. Since the life I want is not one of him being gone an extra 3 hours a day commuting, we're planning on moving closer to the city. Conor has continually told me to look at houses in the city, and I have continually refused and looked at outlying areas. Yesterday I called him and said "you know how you tell me things all the time, and I never believe you until I find them out for myself?" "Yes," he says. "Well there are some awesome houses in Chicago proper in good areas in our price range." "Yes," he says.

I suppose with 2.8 million people in Chicago proper, there would have to be something, hmm? I have hated to admit to myself that the reason I didn't want to look in the city is that I'm a scaredy cat. We live in Aurora, for goodness sakes. Crime ain't so grand here either. I am officially suburban. I assumed that houses in the city don't have clean streets and yards and garages and such. I assumed that we couldn't drive, and I'd have to haul the kids around on the bus. The BUS, people. I don't know how to use a BUS! I don't even understand how people know where they're going. And then there's the train. All these colors! Red, green, blue, purple, chartreuse, puce, I have no clue where they go or stop or come from. Looking at houses has kind of started to cure me though. There are garages. And yards. And decks. And driveways...with cars in them. I've started to get a little more excited at the prospect of living in the city. But I feel like a country bumpkin.

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McMama said...

HA! We come from the D, lady, Chicago's nothin. I would actually LOVE to live in the city but there's no wa we can afford it and Luke's job is sticking around for awhile, in Aurora. I'll be commuting when I go to UIC in a couple years. Boo to that.

Anonymous said...

We may be following closely in your footsteps...E has an interview in the city next week.

Interesting, eh? We could start the "Suburban Turned City Mommy Crime Fighters" club or something...or something. =)

electric boogaloo said...

mcmama - ok, i would not be moving to detroit. i think i would have a stroke. i just think i've been jaded by biased news and totally bought into the hype.

blogging mama - wow! that would be great. we're looking all over the city, so long as it is in acceptible proximity to whichever school conor gets into. i'm so in for the crimefighting league. do i get a cape?

Norma Shineynickels said...

pish. this gets a big fat thumbs down from me. :( chicago may as well be s.c. as far as i'm concerned. you know my feelings regarding the city. piffle.

electric boogaloo said...

we'll be expanding your horizons as well as you drive your happy ass to see me.

Melliferous Pants said...

If not only managed to live in Oakland after spending a lifetime in the suburbs but I eventually loved it. I wish I were back there now. I'm sure the city proper will be less scary once you're there!

electric boogaloo said...

Thanks for the pep talk! I feel like a fool.

Ɯbermilf said...

There are very "suburban" neighborhoods in the city -- think bungalows with driveways and everything!

Do not despair.

You could also move to Downers Grove. Hey, it's closer than Aurora!

electric boogaloo said...

I actually am a little obsessed with bungalows, as I am generally obsessed with 30s and 40s style. Now I just have to get comfy with the idea of the bungalow's location, should it not be in berwyn, or say oak park (could we afford that).


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