That's the Christmas spirit!

If Christians believe, as they claim, that God is omniscient and omnipotent. They have to then believe that the death of Christ was pretty carefully planned out and (pardon the bad pun) executed. If that is the case, then stop blaming the Jews for his death. Blame God. It was his idea.

...and peace on earth, good will towards men. 'cept them dirty Jews. And that Muslim guy.

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Ann said...

that is horrible. makes me sick!!!!!!!

I never even realized that Christians blame the Jews for Christs death until I was in college....and I was in a class that basically thought I was this bad Christian lady because I MUST be against the Jewish community! I was always raised thinking that the Jews were Gods chosen people and how awesome is that! I also was taught that he died on the cross for us, so BLAME ME.


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