From the pants

A- Available or single?

Isn't that the same thing?

B- Best Friend?

I'm so lonesome, I could cryyyy.

C- Cake or Pie?

Pie. pie pie pie pie. I have birthday pie. I love pie.

D- Drink of Choice?

Iced decaf Venti vanilla no water americano. (Better known as the STD)

E- Essential Item?

I feel pressured to come up with some cute beauty tool. Unfortunately, I have to go with stain remover.

F- Favorite Color?


G- Gummi Bears or Worms?

SourPatch Kids if I must pick a jellied candy.

H- Hometown?

Somewhere in Illinois. Depends on my mood.

I- Indulgence?

Raw organic milk.

J- January or February?


K- Kids and names?

Violet Prudence, Finnegan Honor Dean

L- Life is incomplete without?

A dog. My life is currently incomplete.

M- Marriage Date?

April 10, 2004

N- Number of Siblings?


O- Oranges or apples?


P- Phobias/Fears?


Q- Favorite Quote?

Be gentle with the young. Juvenal -(55 AD - 127 AD)

R- Reason to Smile?

I got my period....15 days late.

S- Season?


T- Tag three people!

You three people who read my blog!

U- Unkown Fact About Me?

I couldn't burp until I got pregnant. Now I'm a champ.

V- Vegetable you hate?

I'm with the pants on this one. Eggplant is rubber masquerading as vegetable.

W- Worst habit?

"I'm fine" ...yeah. I'm that chick.

X- X-Rays you've had? More like what x-rays haven’t I had.

I guess its either x-rays or "do you play the xylophone?". I had a completely mortifying x-ray when I was a kid that I choose not to share with the world.

Y- Your favorite food?

Gnocci Pomadoro

Z- Zodiac?


3 rubber neckers:

Melliferous Pants said...

So lonesome you could cry? Damn all this land between us! I would totally bring you pie!

I LOVE gnocci!

Anonymous said...

interesting...about the burp thing. i have another friend who can't burp. i never believed him. how can this be true?

sweetviolet said...

pants. damn the land indeed. and the lack of pie.

hailey's mom - the pleasure i take in burping now is alarming.


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