Taking a cue from my husband...Installment #1

  1. I love butter more than a person should.
  2. I have very few memories of childhood.
  3. My brother and I were permanently playing a game called "Brother Nathan, Sister Sarah."
  4. I was in a "borderline religious cult."
  5. I cried over smoking, convinced I was suddenly a bad person.
  6. I have titles for all my ex-boyfriends.
  7. I spent from 19-21 as a completely false person.
  8. I am obsessed with nutrition.
  9. I never believe what I am told by doctors.
  10. I L O V E the Karate Kid movies.
  11. I hate being even a tiny bit drunk.
  12. Right now both of my big toenails are broken, but I don't know how.
  13. I hate porn, and if that makes me unhip it's fine with me.
  14. I entirely believe that male circumcision should be every bit as illegal as female.
  15. I'm always waiting for someone to start a fight with me when I nurse in public.
  16. I am completely over the moon for Finn and I feel guilty that I didn't want a boy.
  17. My dream is to live on a family commune and have a passel of kids.
  18. I'm really cheap.
  19. I've only really had 4 boyfriends as an adult. I've lost touch with one of them. Which is fine.
  20. I waffle on getting more tattoos on a daily basis.
  21. Marriage is incredibly hard, even when I'm the difficult one.
  22. I've decided I'd rather not have friends, than watch people hit their kids.
  23. I'm really enjoying the fact that Finn is WAY ahead of his milestones. I'm that mom now.
  24. That could come from the fact that Violet is so taciturn.
  25. I'd trade my double D's (when I'm not nursing) for a B in a heartbeat.

7 rubber neckers:

Andrew said...

"I've decided I'd rather not have friends, than watch people hit their kids."

Amen to that!!

To Love, Honor and Dismay

fat little pug said...

I feel pretty good about myslf that I didn't know only a few of these. I love you!

ChiroMum said...

I'm with you completely on 14, 15, 19, 21, 22, and 25. Once I finally am able to see a computer on a weekly basis, I'll have to use this one for my blog!

sweetviolet said...

andrew- i might have to utilize your services sometime. what an interesting blog.

pugly- i love you too. you're the best.

chiro- i just realized what a giant prude i sound like with that list. i look forward to your list.

WunEyedDog said...

Hee hee hee, you used taciturn.

Anonymous said...

I was just saying to Jim the other night, "this is NOT where my breasts are supposed to be!!!" haha...

rollerskater said...

you must be, like, so busy...

hope everything's going groovy with you! :)


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