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Christmas Meme

Hot Chocolate or apple cider?

Oh cider I suppose. Although the beauty of cider was mauled by the horrid steam wand screeching I can still hear in my head

Turkey or Ham?

Conor requested ham. But I don't want my baby eating all those nitrates and junk. So we're going with a prime rib or something of the sort. And for those of you who think I'm still a vegetarian, perhaps I'll blog about that journey soon

Do you get a Fake or Real you cut it yourself Christmas tree?

I've never had the real, and I want it. This year it's a free faker.

Decorations on the outside of your house?

If perhaps I lived in a nice brick colonial, I would put up Burgundy velvet bows, candles in the window, and boughs of evergreen. As it is, I live in military housing, and I'm less than inspired.

Snowball fights or sledding?

Sledding. Only down though. No hill climbing.

Do you enjoy going downtown shopping?

If I have a pocket full of cash and a warm coat.

Favorite Christmas song?

This year? Totally the chipmunk song.

How do you feel about Christmas movies?

I'm a complete sucker for It's a Wonderful Life. (der...See my blog title) I ADORE the old claymation Rudolph. With burl ives as the narrator/snowman. I've really missed them this year, sans TV.

When is it too early to start listening to Christmas music?

Too early?

Stockings before or after presents?

Before. When I was growing up, we had these knit stockings with snoopy on them. It was such a mess of yarn inside, you had to coax every item out gingerly. uravelling it as you went. It was part of the charm.

Carolers, do you or do you not watch and listen to them?

I think its sweet. I haven't had carolers in years. Do people still do that? I want the full dicken's era costumed troupe.

Go to someone else's house or they come to you?

I'm to the point that I want Christmas in my own home now.

Do you read the Christmas Story? If so when?

Its been awhile. Perhaps we'll make that part of the tradition as well. Violet would rather pull pages from the bible and eat them right now. She says Leviticus taste the best.

What do you do after presents and dinner?

Play board games, so the happiness and goodwill can degrade into cut-throat competition.

What is your favorite holiday smell?

Mulling spices

Ice skating or walking around the mall?

Yhe mall? Who equates ice skating with mall walking?

Do you open a present or presents on Christmas Eve, or wait until Christmas day?

Our little family has decided to open our ornaments on Christmas eve (we give each other an ornament every year) and presents on Christmas morning.

Favorite Christmas memory?

Being in cahoots with my brother to wake up at dawn. And leaving cookies and milk for mom and dad, since we never did the whole Santa thing.

Favorite Part about winter?

Pink cheeks and stocking caps. Kissing in the snow.

Ever been kissed under mistletoe?

Not so far as I can recall.

tagging....Everyone. Seriously. Do this. I'll track you down and make you wish you had. Merry Christmas!

4 rubber neckers:

fat little pug said...

Remember when we went sledding and tried to convince Justin to bring us back UP the hill? That was fun!

seasons of the heart said...

hahahahahaha you would try to do that to poor Justin!! that's hilarious!

Corporal SV Christmas, I will get on that right away. Sir, yes sir!

sweetviolet said...

pugly- that was my inspiration. that was fun as heck though.

seasons- wow. i outrank conor. that's what i like to hear. at ease.

seasons of the heart said...

well of course you outrank conor. when you give directions like that, what else am i supposed to think? ;-)


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